Keep over the shadowfell

When I Sing Up

When I Sing (Grow) Up

Had my tongue out, we were flung out
Right before the evil horde.
Pants, he cowers, bloody showers
And there chants the sorcerer.

We could try to, take the portal
On a path to certain doom.
Horror’s closing, all around us
No way from this morbid room.

If I spoke up, we’d be able
If I spoke up, we’d turn the tables.

Trying hard to, play the lute to
Bolster up some confidence.
Unaffected, to your weapons
Damn the consequences.

If I sung out, we’d be able
If I sung out, we’d turn the tables.

Blood and blisters, on my fingers
Chaos rules if we should fail.
Tirah’s chasing, Morgan’s blazing
Viator amazing

When I sing up, we’ll be able
When I sing up, we’ll all be fabled.


This is in fact a dual release, here’s Single #2:

I Think I’m Paralysed (Shouldn’t have tried to disarm that trap)

You can look and you can touch,
I don’t think I’m gonna budge,
Heaven knows what I’m gonna do
Heaven knows how I’m gonna move.

I think I’m paralysed, it’s complicated.
I think I’m paralysed, really stagnated.

Bend me break me
You won’t even hurt me
I just cannot move
Hit me shake me
Walking should be easy
I just want to move

I’ve been hit by a wayward spell,
Now I’m stuck and not doing well
If I should fail, if I should fall
I’ll still be frozen but across the floor.

I think I’m paralysed, I fecking hate it
I think I’m paralysed, not real elated…

Burn me scorch me
You could even torch me
I just cannot move
Shoot me, loot me
Go ahead and boot me
I just want to move

Steal me, feel me, will it ever heal me?
Maim me, tame me, will it ever change me?
Shove me, bite me, come ahead and fight me
Please me, tease me, please don’t all just leave me.

Bend me break me
It won’t even hurt me
As long as you cure me baby it’s alright
Bend me break me
Anyway you want me
If you can’t cure me baby I’m in shite.

When I Sing Up

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