Keep over the shadowfell

Morgana's Log, Excerpt I

Descent Into Darkness

  • Group met Morgana on the road after their fight with a kobold shaman. They then met Viator.
  • Proceeded to the Keep. Rushed in, Chunks fell in a pit, the others rushed to attack the goblins. Viator let down a rope, other dispatched the goblins. They then Rested.
  • They followed the right passage off the pit room to a torture chamber, dispatched the goblins there, along with the goblin torturer. Chunks took his armour.
  • Chunks attacked Splug’s cage, then after trying to convince him to be leashed (including Morgana giving him 2gp), Tirah tried to sneak up and leash him. She failed, and he fled. They rested.
  • They tried the left corridor from the main room, found a passageway leading to an excavation room. 3 goblins and 3 drakes were in the room. Tirah called to the drake, but they were just animals. Loralen told the goblins that their masters were dead, and they came up the corridor. They found out that one has a holy symbol. Tirah really wanted it. The party separated that one, and surround him. Morgana and V walked behind the others, and she unleashed a freezing cloud on the other two goblins. The others killed the symbol bearer, but the drakes surrounded Morgana and killed her.
  • It was a tough fight, but they eventually won. Tirah triumphantly grabbed the holy symbol, and felt a surge of power. Splug appeared and fell to his knees at Morgana’s side, keening. He calms down a bit and tells the others that he knows a shaman nearby who might be able to help.
  • The shaman says she can resurrect Morgana, but asks that in return they Kalrael, A.K.A. Karl. They ask to have Morgana resurrected now to help them kill Kalrael. To hold against their return the shaman asks for the thing that each held dearest. Tirah gave up her new symbol, Chunk gave up his ale, V handed her his book, and Loralen gave up her voice. Luckily she has a lute to channel her magic through. The party takes a long rest.
  • The party explored the secret passage off the corridor to the excavation chamber. They found Balgron the Fat, killed him and some of his goblin guards. They left one alive when he begged for his life, and dubbed him Pants.
  • They went south, killed some rats and a gelatinous cube. Pants and Splug helped. Further into the room was a Kruthik nest, which the party cleared out.
  • Next they went through the large bronze doors in the room. Inside they fought a giant blob. They got a shield and some money from a small island in the middle of the pool in the room.
  • They went back to the first main room in the keep and went downstairs. They fought some zombies, went into a crypt and prayed to Bahamut. They took the silver dragon statues, and spoke to Kegan. He gave them his longsword, Aeclis, to fight Kalrael.
  • They went back outside, and found some goblins. The party tried to trick them, and ended up killing them and a giant spider, as well as a hobgoblin boss.



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